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The California Air Resources Board and Community Housing Development Corporation (CHDC) are conducting a pilot program offering residents in targeted disadvantaged communities the opportunity to purchase fuel efficient, and ultra-clean, vehicles.  The program is part of the California Climate Investments Initiative, a statewide program to reduce greenhouse gases while providing local benefits to California neighborhoods, with an emphasis on disadvantaged communities.

California Climate Investments are programs funded by the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund using proceeds from the State’s cap-and-trade auctions. As California continues to make strides in transportation efficiency, state leaders are implementing long-term solutions that include hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles.

This project will allow CHDC to provide financial assistance (price buy-down grants and loans) opportunities enabling consumers to purchase advanced technology vehicles, which will result in immediate greenhouse gas benefits and clean transportation.  CHDC intends to target individuals who reside in eligible zip codes and will provide education about the purchase and maintenance of advanced technology vehicles, using CHDC’s existing Ways to Work framework, which launched in Richmond, CA on June 20, 2014.

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